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Bee Hive Composter

Bee Hive Composter


Size: 550mm x 550 x 1.10M High
Price: £170 (includes postage)


Size: 500mm x 500 x 900mm High
Price £120 (includes postage)

Made from 1 inch thick tanalised timber with galvanised handles and fixings.

This attractive composter is used to recycle your kitchen waste and turn it into re-usable compost.

Just lift the lid which is hinged and prevented from tipping back to far with a galvanised chain, and empty in your waste.

After several months open the bottom panel and scoop out the fresh compost.

It is best not to site the composters on a patio as during the composting process liquids are released that may stain any slabs.

Bee Hive Composter

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